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Cheat Engine APK V7.1.0 Download For Android (No Root)

Cheat engine for android grants you the freedom to do a lot of things with your game that you would normally have no control over. Some of the Android games can be hard to crack no matter how much time and skills you invest in them. For games like that, the cheat engine apk comes in pretty handy. You must have used a lot of cheat codes for games that you play on your desktops. There are some applications that provide you cheat codes for a lot of your favorite games you can have your pick of one when you go looking for it on a search engine.

But Cheat Engine android will save you plenty of time, it surpasses the normal cheat codes and provides gamers everywhere with a much efficient way of hacking into games and taking the ultimate prize that every gamer gets when they conquer a particular game they invested a lot of their time with.

There are so many new games that Android developers are creating, and some of them achieve instant popularity if the concept is a hit, whereas some tend to fall short. These popular games come with obstacles that many gamers will have a hard time clearing, some of them are unbeatable like “Kobiyashi Maru” if you are familiar with star trek. And you need a little help to leap through those obstacles and win the game.

Download Cheat Engine APK V7.1.0 For Android

It previously was only available to computer users. But now it is also available to Android users, you can benefit from these amazing engines features in most of your games. Let’s see how you could download the cheat engine no root version for your Android phone to crack any online or offline games.

cheat engine android

Android Cheat Engine is one of the best application for rooted devices which enable you to hack games. Technically, it can work for non rooted devices as well, but as the games are locking the files it needs root access to modify them. You can download the Cheat engine apk from the link below.


   APK Installation Tutorial

Are you quite eager to start hacking into a game where the progress has been stalled as you have reached an impossible hurdle? or you might be just lazy.  We will go shortly go through the process of installing the app for android device, it is an app, with which you can hack almost any games and get unlimited golds, coins, gems, tokens, etc.

Cheat Engine Info

NameCheat Engine Apk
Size1.6 Mb
CompatibilityAndroid V4.0 & later
Stable VersionV7.1.0
No Of Downloads12,67,080+

You might be familiar with game hacking applications like CreeHack, Leo PlayCard or Lucky Patcher this app works in a quite similar way. once you have it installed you can instantly start hacking.


Here’s a quick look at all the features of the app,

  • Ability to connect to local or remote processes (via IP).
  • Value types for scanning: for 1, 2, 4, 8 Bytes, Float, Double, String, Array of Byte.
  • Scan types: exact value, bigger than, smaller than, between or unknown
  • Values can also be scanned in hexadecimal form
  • Features a “fast scan” feature, which works pretty good on several games I’ve tested
  • Scroll Crash
  • Browse memory from the address list
  • Can scan read-only or paged memory
  • Ability to choose the process OR application from a drop-down list
  • Also, features a Memory Viewer (requires some RAM if zoomed out)
  • Mod any games, you don’t need to have separate mods.
  • You can install the Cheat engine for Mac from here.

Why Cheat Engine?

  • Cheat engine android can manipulate the values in your video games and comes along with some extra tool that takes care of debugging software and games.
  • Every game includes a few parameters to which changes can be applied, It could be the number of lives or the money used in the game, with this you can make changes wherever you need them.
  • compared to the computer version this app is relatively easy to use, and you won’t have to go through the tutorials that have been made for the PC gamers. for your android device, the process of setting it up is quite simple and efficient.
  • It works best with a single-player game where you are the one who controls most of the workings of the game.
  • With this app, you can make alterations to games that will give the gamers advantages such as the infinite health, the time or the ammunition.
  • a cheat engine will allow you to change the interface of the game, it is not only effective but quite simple to use, with this tool you can create cheats and hacks for plenty of games, that can be done by searching and modifying the parameters in the memory image of the running process.
  • The app allows its users to inspect the commands and the values in the process memory, which can be debugged through an integrated debugger.
  • Get through the hard stages of your games using this application, a hex memory searcher and editor is what comes in handy for editing the values of most of the gaming parameters, this searcher, and the editor allows the user to change a particular memory address and values which directly influences the game.
  • get the advantage of infinite health, time and ammunition, You can cheat in almost all of the computer games, You can even hack PC, And as it is open source, so, it is free.

Install Cheat Engine For Android


  • First of all, download the cheat engine apk from the link above.
  • Now go to Settings >> Security >> enable “unknown sources” to install the app.
  • Open the downloaded apk & tap install.install cheat engine apk
  • Then wait for a few seconds, the apk would be installed.Cheat engine for android installed
  • Connect the local root server (root access required).launch the local root server
  • It will ask to start the cheat engine process, tap yes.launch the process
  • Find the game process in the list.
  • Simply open the process.
  • Search the value, ex: gold = 1000.
  • Buy something until the value of gold is decreased to 800.
  • Then in the app, you will see the value 1000 becomes 800.
  • Add the address of the gold value to the list 4 in the list tab,
  • check the list to see if it’s ACTIVE then change the value to 99999. In your game, the value of the gold will become 99999

That’s all we’ve to offer about the app and check out this post for a detailed cheat engine tutorial.


  • Game Killer
  • Leo Playcard
  • Lucky Patcher
  • CreeHack
  • GameCIH


1. Does this work for multiplayer games?
Multiplayer games take great measures to prevent hacking at any scale so it won’t work for them, but you could hack most of the single-player games with the app.
2. Is it necessary to root my device to use the app on my phone?
There are some versions of this application where you will need a rooted device. Mostly you won’t have to worry about this issue just download the apk from the above list and everything will work out smoothly.
3. What kind of hacks is possible with the application?
As it has been mentioned quite a lot of time throughout the article, hacks like changing the values of gaming currency or adding lives can be easily carried out. in addition to that, you can modify the difficulty of your games. Alternatively, you can also try monster legends mod & also board kings hack.
4. Can I win at Counter-Strike?
actually directly no you can’t, as it is a multiplayer game, and even for other games you can manipulate the values of most of the parameters, winning is something that you have to take care of.
5. Do I have to follow particular guidelines to install this?
yes and no, the installation process is simple and you can do it even without the guidelines but if you want you can take a look at the above installation process which will make sure that the app will be installed on your android phones quickly.
6. What about Online games, can cheat engine on android used for that?
It doesn’t work for any kind of online games, let it be a multiplayer or single-player game.

Wrapping up,

Now we have spent a lot of time looking at features, advantages and the way to install the latest version of the Cheat Engine Apk for Android no root required. if you are a hardcore gamer who enjoys playing android phone games just as much as computer games then cheat engine for Android that will be of great help to you, with it, you can quite easily modify the values of currency or number of lives in a single-player game.

That will make your gameplay a lot smoother and might help you reach your goal a lot faster than usual. There are some other ways to which you can add more changes to your gaming interface as well as values, but for that, you might require good programming skills, There are some cheats that have been already created which will save you time and you can start using them instantly.

There are so many new applications that are available online that provide services that are very similar to the app, but with those, you won’t have the guarantee that this long-standing service provides its users. There might be a lot of things that will have to settle for with those apps, with Android Cheat Engine no root you will get the best of services. Keep visiting for more such amazing posts!

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